One habit to master this year.

Would you believe me if I said you can make one change to your life and gain health? It sounds too good to be true! However more often than not, people ask me;

"if I could only do one thing to make myself more healthy what would you recommend?"

Great question right!?

And it's a tough one to answer, indeed I have spent many hours pondering what could be the secret answer. My opinions have changed as I have developed through my own journey and refined my knowledge, but as time goes on I keep coming back to just one thing. One thing that is the reoccurring commonality amongst clients and health professionals alike.


Mindfulness is the development of a mind - body - soul connection to our plate. We become aware of our inner state of health and with practice, this ability strengthens - like a muscle. I chat to long term clients who simply just 'know' when they are out of balance, they know what they need to do to get back into their 'happy place' and essentially they don't need me anymore!

A bittersweet moment indeed.

So where do you get this mindfulness from? It comes from awareness, to begin with this is a conscious practice. To begin with it may take a few minutes, eventually it will take a few seconds and ultimately it will become intuitive.

So as you would during meditation - check in with yourself, start at the top, start at the bottom. Systematically move through the body and become aware of how you feel.

Shoulders bunched? Back hunched?  Stomach churning? Eyes heavy? Throat sore?

What does this all mean? Well it begins to give you a place from which to work from. You begin to notice the stress or cravings, the tension or emotional turmoil, the hunger, the tiredness. Then from here you get to make a decision on how to care for yourself in a way that is the most meaningful.

And this works in the reverse also - you may notice the lightness, the energy, the smile, strength of posture and deep breath. You begin to develop your own awareness manual for how things make you feel and what makes you feel GREAT.

Combining the education available here (and in many other resources) with the mindfulness that you develop, makes for an unstoppable combination!

Love, J x