The Ultimate Green Smoothie Guide

Sometimes I wake up, feeling less than brimming with health and energy. Like this morning, I was woken up at least 5 times before 6am. Yuck.

I am sure it is the same for many of us, if its not the little ones waking you, its the late nights, the lack of hydration or just plain old Mondayitis right!

And what do I do on days like this?

I make a smoothie - pack it with goodness - a skull down my liquid vitamin tablet.

Its remarkable how much this helps, even if I am eyeing off the coffee and high carb breakfast (comfort food!). Once I started doing this - some 5 years ago now - I find that its impossible to live without and when I do run out of time or forget my beautiful practice.... I sure can feel it.

If you want a little inspiration, here is a little guide to throwing together your smoothie.


What's your favourite smoothie recipe?

Love, J x