How you can change the world.

Sounds pretty outlandish does it? Changing the world, however this is a concept that I have pondered and wondered throughout my time growing Nourish Your Soul.

Recently a friend commented on a previous article and her words got me thinking about the power my (or anyone's) words hold - you can read her words here (see the comments section at the end of the article.)

So lets explore this idea -- say someone sends you a lovely message, you feel uplifted and walk out into the world happy, you smile a little more at strangers, you notice the world around you and feel gratitude for the beauty of the everyday. Perhaps you feel so inspired you in turn, send a message to someone telling them you love them. And the cycle begins once more.

On the other hand, someone is rude to you, you in turn take this out on the next person you speak to, or your children, you scowl and drive with a little more aggression. Your world feels a little smaller and your problems a little bigger.

I have been on both sides of this, as we all have, however once it is highlighted its glaringly obvious which side we would rather live on.

After all the earth will still revolve around the sun, no matter which day you choose to have.

Words can change lives, can change moods, can change mindsets and the ripple effect is momentous.

A while ago I decided to start writing handwritten letters to people, creating a habit that has stuck around, and every now and again I pull out some paper and jot down a note, or a poem, a thought, a quote or a one liner. Scribble some decorations or paint some art on the envelope and pop some sunshine into a friends mail box.

I also started carrying around little scraps of paper in my wallet with notes to strangers or a simple "you are beautiful". Sounds crazy right, but imagine finding that, I know it would inspire me and fill my day with some magic!

So I guess this article is a public declaration, I wish for my words to inspire, uplift, challenge and breakdown the barriers we create, the separation we feel, and I wish for yours to do the same.

Will my grudge still stand up in 300 years? Will the mood I am in today matter another day, or week or month? What will I do today to spread a little love?

Some ideas:-
- write a letter, poem or draw a picture and send it to a loved one
- write a letter to your child and save it for when they are grown up
- write a letter to a stranger and leave it somewhere (in a library book, on a bench, on the bus)
- write a thank you note on the bill where you get your coffee
- email someone or text them for no other reason than to say you love them
- have you seen future me? Its so cool, you can write a letter to your future self. I've done it a few times and its seriously awesome to get the letter in my inbox from my past self!

I hope you have found this article useful, or inspiring. Tell me how will you use your words today to make a change in the world...?

Love, J