Breaking it all down

Sometimes there comes a moment in time when we just need to break it all down, simplify and start from scratch. But what does that mean?

For me it means playing with my children, growing a few bits and pieces in the garden, eating whole foods and sharing moments with my friends and family (plus fitting in enough study to ease that anxious feeling in the pit of your tummy when an assignment/assessment/deadline is looming!)

How busy we all are. How busy I feel. Ironically enough, the busier I get the less I get done! So for all of the people who are stressed and tired and busy and have an endless list of things to get done, lets try and strip it back.

Here are some ideas:

  • Start meal planning - I was really good at this a few months ago but the wheels have fallen off, and the end of the week with either 2 ingredients or 25 in the fridge stops today!
  • Start unsubscribing to emails that you don't need to read.
  • Set boundaries around social media - I LOVE social media, its inspiring and beautiful, I'm always learning new things and reading new articles, but seriously because its all so enticing and I follow some darn good people/pages, I have about 10+ tabs open in windows explorer at any one time, need to cut back!
  • Make space in your day to be - it doesn't need to be much, but treat it like a sacred ritual, it could mean being creative, reading a few pages of a book you love, meditating, exercising, drinking that delicious tea that you don't have time to brew. This one is a goodie, it will bring peace and fulfilment and direct you to live in line with your values - more on that here.
  • Start breathing properly.
  • Assess your routines -- before work/school runs, bed time routine for children and us adults, when do you grocery shop, wash clothes, clean. Can any of it be done differently? Grocery shopping online worked for me for a while. I also found that it was better to spend an hour on the weekend baking savoury treats than it was spending 10 minutes each morning to make sandwiches, 10 minutes before the school run makes a big difference!

Stripping it back to basics means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? And what do you do to keep things simple?

Love, J x