Wellness bloggers

The media are jumping on healthy lifestyle bloggers, left, right and centre in the aftermath of the two big name foodie and wellness celebrities currently undergoing some serious scrutiny, add to the fire the tragic death of Jess Ainscough and its becoming a mass media frenzy.

I cant help but wonder if this will be a good thing for the blogging and wellness industry?

From my perspective I have always tried to maintain an open mind when it comes to food, especially and most importantly regarding other peoples choices.

I grew up vegetarian, this decision was made for both health and financial decisions for our family by my parents,  and as an adult I have found an intuitive style of eating that has evolved through trial and error and knowing what makes me feel good. I have not found a name for this style of eating, I don't really want to either, by defining it, it takes away from what its all about really!!

So yes, sometimes, a late night burger is what I want and sometimes an early rise and a green smoothie is on the cards. How they both make me feel is vastly different but it doesn't mean that I wont play around with food and try to live life to the fullest experience -- late night burgers included!

The opportunity that extremists (and those who stray too far from the truth) offer is that others can step up and maintain an open and genuine approach to food in the light that is being shed on our industry.

Indeed food can be a marvellous and healing, nourishing and body fuelling, tasty world. I read many different articles on trials, opinions, detox plans and even the crazy conspiracy theories. I don't have a one-stop-shop answer to it all, but what I do know is that the greater the promise the more sceptical I feel. There is, however, a gigantic difference between making healthy lifestyle choices and playing roulette with your life.

From first hand experience a healthy lifestyle can and will make you feel good each morning, you will get the most out of your day, you will just feel a difference. Plain and simple.

Healthy means a lot of different things. To me its a little to do with food and a whole lot to do with lifestyle -- I like to enjoy a wide range of fresh foods, most of these so happen to be plant based, I drink lots and lots of water, smiling is on the cards daily and being out in the sunshine, one of the most important aspects of my healthy life is spending time with loved ones and basically finding a comfortable place in my little space on this planet.

I sincerely hope that the media doesn't 'poo poo' healthy lifestyle choices to a point that people lose that inspired drive to be well, it doesn't need to be extreme to work, in fact the opposite is more true, it can be small and safe and simple...

So why not go and have a glass of water and plan a salad for lunch, walk somewhere and notice what's around you, talk to someone you haven't in a while or maybe just sit and be, see how you feel, just notice it.

Now tell me that isn't good!

Love, J x