Life Hacks

A fun little blog post >>> 5 Life Hacks

1. Make your own laundry detergent -- SAY WHAAAAT?! Seriously, this is easy peasy, and it totally saves you squillions of dollars. Do you have $11 and about 1/2 hour every 3-6 months? That's all it takes. 'Google' home made laundry detergent, the recipe generally calls for pure soap or soap flakes, with borax and washing soda (all available in the laundry aisle) heat, cool and bottle. I made 20 litres (I doubled the recipe by accident) and my whites are white, colours bright, it all smells soapy fresh and clean, I use a normal front loader, can be used also in a top loader. Super Life Hack. Boom.

2. Compost -- within 12 or so weeks you will have beautiful rich soil to plant a herb garden, top dress your lawn or put out the front of you house and give away goodness to strangers. You can compost all plant waste (ends, mouldy bits, skin and peelings) from the kitchen, coffee grinds, grass clippings, any plant trimmings, even toe nails and hair if you wanna get serious about it! Euw!!! Add a worm farm into the mix and use the worm wee (thanks little guys)  to fertilize that beautiful compost dirt and you will never buy bagged soil again! Yes!

3. Use soap instead of shower gel -- OHHHHMIIIGAWD, so simple, so cost saving, so enviro! Our whole family uses soap instead of gel, we don't smell -- promise, and if you wanna get a little fancy somewhere like this >>> Church Farm General Store<<< has wonderful soaps that leave you squeaky clean and smelling f i n e!

4.Sell your stuff on eBay -- each year I do big old clean outs and head off to the op shop to share my stuff, this year I pondered the idea of popping some of it on eBay, I mean its good stuff, just things I don't need, use or the kids have grown out of. It took me 2 weeks and I earned a nice little $400. Yeehaa! The things that didn't sell went the the op shop, giving and receiving beautiful people, giving and receiving.

5. Choose Happiness -- to get a little deep right now. A total epiphany/wake up call/eye opener moment, I mean I totally have heard people say this before and I even thought I knew what it meant. Yes I choose happiness, who wouldn't? I choose to go to the beach coz it makes me happy, I choose to grow my own food coz it makes me happy, I choose to blah blah blah. NO. What it means is despite E V E R Y T H I N G that is happening right now, despite XYZ choose to be happy, right now, in this very moment. Wow. Mind Blown!

Love, J x   

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