What we ate this week...

In an effort to make my grocery shopping as transparent as possible I am going to jot down a weeks worth of meals. One of the ways in which we have been able to afford to eat organic is that I have found meals that span multiple uses. I popped in some pictures from my lazy blogger, erm I mean instagram page too!

We always have oats, made on rice milk, with a spoon of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon, sometimes we spice it up and add in goji berries, shredded coconut, buckinis and pepitas. So darn delicious!

Emerson takes fruit 2-3 pieces, yoghurt (spooned from 1 litre Jalna tub into his own reusable tub), a sandwich (in a brown paper bag as we lost his reusable sandwich container) and a home baked treat or1-2 dates and some popcorn (a handful from a big bag into another container).

I have a sandwich for lunch and my husband has wraps with salad and beans. Hubby takes a carrot, fruit and a baked treat for snacks. I usually snack on dates, fruit, cucumber or green beans and a baked treat.

Monday -- Baked Potatoes with sweet corn, baked beans and cheese (my lazy meal of the week)
Tuesday -- Baked Sweet Potato Mexican style stuffed with kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, avocado and lime juice, with a side of corn chips.
Wednesday -- Vegetable Pasta. Vegetables (2 carrots, 1 brown onion, 4 leeks, 1 bowl of cherry tomatoes picked from the garden and 2 large tomatoes, 1 clove garlic) slow cooked for 5 hours in home made stock, seasoned and blended up and poured over pasta.
Thursday -- Vegetable Soup (yesterdays sauce is todays soup), with green beans (raw) to dip and boiled eggs.
Friday -- Corn cakes, roasted pumpkin and green salsa salad.


Its pretty plain eating really, but its all natural and its food that everyone will eat. The above is a typical week, we also make on high rotation zucchini muffins, poached eggs on toast (with avo, cherry tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms), quinoa salad with pumpkin, beetroot, pepitas and goats cheese, mushroom and pumpkin risotto, nasi goreng, pad thai, sushi, chickpea, green bean and pumpkin curry, sweet potato, spinach and goats cheese pizza, or just a simple tomato, cheese and sweet corn pizza and to use up the last of random vegetables, we make soup or a vegetable lasagne which is always a winner!


In the evenings if I need more I usually make chai and have some chocolate, the organic shop has this package free dark cacao chocolate that we love, it comes in a massive 2kg slab and they carve off chunks for me! Mmmmm.


For those who wish to transition to organic food but want to make it affordable trial the above and find what works for you :) And let me know along the way any tips or tricks you stumble across! Cheers!

Love, J x


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