A night under the stars

So we are a little excited over here, you see last night Whole-Living hosted our first Vegan Festive Feast -- in a masterclass style event, where everyone got to be involved in the food preparation and cooking. We had so much fun and while the organic wine was flowing, we huddled in the kitchen taste testing amazing food while getting inspired!

You probably know by now the Whole Living girls have joined forces with instagrams @atortoiselife, to bring another level to your cooking experience -- Ally delighted us with her skills at making the humble vegetable taste simply amazing, teaching us all about the art of layering textures and flavours and even shared her secret ingredients - native 'bush tucker' herbs and spices.

Scotties provided us with the kitchen and alfresco space, creating a relaxed background to our evening, and once the sun had dropped and the ocean breeze cooled the air, we prepped in the open, chatting around the feasting table.

I know that not everyone gets as pumped by veggies as I do but when you grow up with a salad crop farmer / horticulturalist Father and a chef Mother, in a vegetarian household, on a farm called Apple Tree Farm (yes there were lots of Apple Trees) it kind of makes sense why I followed this path. I grew up eating fruit from the trees and wonky carrots from Mums veggie patch - which I still raid to this day! From a nutritional perspective... vegetables = bang for buck for all the vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrient goodness our bodies crave.  Simply put, I feel better when I eat well, and when I feel better, I do better - at everything!

Its safe to say there will be more from where this came from...

The night wouldn't have been so amazing had it not been for the wonderful friends who let us call in favours. Gabrielle from Writing With Light Studio joined us to document the evening, and a big thank you to Jenny from Scotties for trusting us with your kitchen.

And finally a HUMONGOUS thank you to everyone who came along and joined in -- by the end of the night it felt like we were all old friends and so we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. 

Love J&A x

|| Jen, Anamari and Ally have been working hard behind the foodie scenes to bring a number of these pop up events to you throughout 2017. For us this is a passion -- eating more plants is a conversation we welcome, not because we want to jam ideals and lifestyles upon people, but because we simply. love. veggies. Growing them, eating them and making them the hero. We believe health isn't about your food choices alone, and these events are meant to inspire, welcome a new conversation, connect the community and offer a place that we can learn and inspire one another. Watch this space... ||

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