Raising Creative Kids

Once upon a time, someone asked me what was the most important thing to me, as a mother...? The answer came pretty easy -- to allow my little ones to think and express themselves creatively. Of course there are so many other things as parents we try to teach and instill in our children; kindness, resilience and acceptance come to mind, but here is why I answered the way I did...

Creativity isn't something you can necessarily teach - its innate and while we can all certainly tap into it, we need to believe in it for it to manifest, creativity is what flows through all of us, but wont become useful until we recognize it and use its energy.

I see my children use creativity when they negotiate with each other, when they play games and make believe, I see creativity when they find ways to express difficult emotions or need to apologize for something they feel yucky about, I see creativity in their ability to love themselves and one another, in an academic sense my eldest is of school age and I see creativity in use when he solves mathematical problems or tries to understand confusing new concepts. Since becoming a mama bear and unlocking my own creativity, it really is something that impacts every level of our family life.

So what is creativity? To me its allowing thought to be free forming and not restricted to rules or the normal ways of understanding, its asking questions no matter what they are, its experimenting and discovering outcomes you didn't expect, its making messy mistakes and then exploring them further. Its using whats around you to make sense of the world, its touching, smelling, tasting and listening. Its books and art, dress ups, its embracing who you are, loving yourself and loving those around you enough to accept differences you don't understand.  

How do you see creativity?

Anamari created the 'CREATIVE KIDS WORKSHOPS' with all this in mind and out of all our work at Whole Living, these workshops hold a special place  in my mama heart. We have a space that allows all the sticky, icky, giggly, silly fun, its rhythm and flow, movement and stillness, breath and mindfulness mixed in with loud stomping expression. For 2 hours we drop into kid land and learn, explore and share with each other.

We will be bringing more of these kids workshops to you this summer starting in January (dates released soon), so these school holidays you can treat yourself to some time out, while we have some serious fun!!

Love J&A x


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