Whole Living

Lets take a trip down memory lane!

Little did I KNOW WHERE IT WOULD TAKE ME, WHEN 6 years ago I registered the business name Nourish Your Soul...

For instance I didn't realise it would be the gateway to meeting incredibly inspired, creative folk, not just in the Wellness World (there's a world!?) but in the Whole Wide World! Beautiful people who have become confidants, mentors, friends and feel like family!

I didn't realise it would have me stand up in front of people giving workshops, presentations or speeches - aka my worst fear realised - PUBLIC SPEAKING! Eek.

I didn't realise it would have me work with photographers, digital artists, yoga teachers, dieticians or organic store owners, all of who have shaped my world in some way and helped me find out who Nourish Your Soul really is...

But it did all that and more, and it was all done as a stay at home mama, working around my family. As I spoke about last year, I am finishing up my studies now and from the piles of notepads packed full of ideas and business ventures, its time to take the step and plunge into making them a reality!

So after my hiatus living in North Queensland, I am back in Newcastle and have started working on a very exciting project with a local Yogi-Bear, Anamari from Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle.

We have plans, many many plans, and have been working hard behind the scenes putting together a pretty darn solid Holistic Health Package for the community.

So.... I'd like to introduce WHOLE LIVING -- Whole Living is a fusion, its a place that Nutrition | Wellness | Health | Yoga and all the bits in between align. Its all the things that myself and Anamari have discovered over our lifetime, studies and collective careers, things that work, that really make a difference to our world.

We are hosting a very special series of workshops called 'WALKING INTO WELLNESS' and I'd love to share some details about what you can expect...

This workshop is a FOUR PART series. You can attend all four, or pick and choose as you wish.

What will you cover? I hear you ask...

Foundations of Health - Week One

We will explore the FOUR PILLARS OF HEALTH, applying each area to your life so that you will walk away having a seriously solid start on your exploration of Wellness.

Whole Food - Week Two

We will get into the nitty gritty of what it takes to set up your Whole Food Pantry. Think shopping lists, recipes, a demonstration and tasting, plus a huge amount of inspiration so you can take your everyday diet and supercharge it with the WHOLE LIVING principles.

Detox Program - Week Three

So here we are on WEEK THREE, you have the FOUNDATIONS set, your WHOLE FOOD PANTRY is going gang busters... Lets have a gentle cleanse to make sure that we are giving our body the best chance to heal, grow and nourish.

Integration - Week Four

You made it! We will regroup after the DETOX PROGRAM, share stories and group discussion to make sure that everything we have learnt is 100% ready for INTEGRATION. We will share (and indulge in) holistic health self care with some beautiful home made products and share a CHAI and lots of healthy TREATS!

So there we have it! Sounds pretty good right!?

If you would like more information you can check out the WHOLE LIVING PAGE HERE.

I'm looking forward to stepping out from behind this screen and seeing you all soon!

Love, J x


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