Grow an avocado tree in a jar

So we love avocado's here, and why wouldn't you... the health benefits associated with alpha-linolenic acid, the omega 3 healthy fat found in avocado is great for cardiovascular health, neuro-protection and of course the anti-inflammatory effects. Remember inflammation is the root cause of all disease, so the old saying should be switched up to be --- avocado every day keeps the doctor away!

Here is how you can grow your own avocado tree >>>

Step 1: Prepare the seed

Carefully remove avocado seed from an organic avocado and clean.


Step 2: Secure the seed with skewers.

Take two wooden skewers and snap in half, so you have four pieces. Push the sharp point into the flesh of the seed to create a dent big enough that the skewer will hold the seed in a 'hammock' (see photo).

You want the pointy end of the avocado seed to face up. Rest the skewers on top of an old jar filled with water.

Its important to keep the bottom of the avocado wet, so top up regularly  at least every few days and place the jar on a window sill or sunny spot inside

Step 3. Wait. Wait. Wait and about 3-5 months later your seed will look like this...

If the water becomes slimy or moldy just drain and refill, you can also take the avocado seed out and clean it if it gets a little moldy growth on the underside.

You will see a line form over the seed as it prepares to split and a shoot like this little one will come out. Keep growing it in water until it has a few leaves well formed.


Step 4. Planting your seed in soil.

Once the shoot from the seed is about 30cm tall and the roots are well formed you can plant into soil, the tree will need to stay inside for a little longer yet as they are quite fragile when young.


Step 5. Growing + Waiting

Wait. Wait. Wait and in about a year your tree will look like this...

Step 6. Planting your seed outside

Once the trunk of the tree is sturdy enough you can plant outside. You will need to stake the tree until it is strong enough.

The process takes a while but its cute and fun and something nice to green up your window sill! Enjoy.

Love, J x

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