Two easy steps for starting your yoga practice

We like to make yoga, health and wellness accessible here at Whole Living, so check out our two easy steps that will help you hit your mat every time.

Step 1. Roll out your mat

Step 2. Step on it

Haha. Really it is that simple, the rest is just mental. Well...not just... 

The mental aspect of the practice is indeed the hardest and the best part of the practice. Often when people begin practicing they are focused on the physical, enjoying the sweat, the workout, the stretch.

I too remember the ease in my gait after my first practice, and then sometimes that evolves into something more and sometimes it doesn’t. No matter the reason you like to step on your mat don’t let your mind get in the way. Keep it simple, let go of expectation, roll it out and step on, because you know that when you step off your mat at the end, it will all have been worth it.

A yogi- signing out.

Love, A x

Jen ParkerComment