Seasonal Eating

The joys of eating seasonally, living more connected to nature, saving money and making environmentally sustainable choices.

We live in a beautiful part of the world, where we have access to amazing produce. However have you ever bitten into a powdery apple, or eaten a bland berry or tasteless orange? The chances are you bought it out of season and chances are you probably paid a pretty penny for it too!

Avoid missing out on produce when its at its best by following our seasonal eating guide.

Buying produce that is in season is also better for our health, this is because our body and nature work together, the foods available  each season are not-so-coincidentally filled with exactly what we need nutritionally! 

Autumn foods sustain and nourish our bodies with providing immunological benefits. The foods listed in our guide are beta-carotene, vitamin C and sulfur rich - natures antibiotic.  Amazing right!

On a side note recently I made peace with brussel sprouts, I have never ever liked them yet I had heard other people raving about them, so I persevered and discovered a little recipe that delighted me... 


Brussel Sprouts (as many as you please)
Organic Butter
Salt and Pepper

Wash and halve the sprouts, steam for 5-10 minutes, meanwhile heat a pan and warm a tablespoon or so of butter. Fry the sprouts until lightly toasted, season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

Serve as a side with crispy potatoes and a seasonal salad, what a delicious meal. Who knew these babies could be so good!

Autumn foods are abundant and delicious, getting back to basics never looked so good!

Love, J x

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