Putting the garden to bed...

Its been a few years since we enjoyed a good old season change and Mother Nature has been kind to gradually reintroduce us, the crunch of the decaying leaves, the crisp night air and cool dew, the condensation running down morning windows. Its all a novelty again. For two weeks we have enjoyed the school holidays, we have relished in the slow, albeit early mornings. Pajamas all day, movies and books, chai and home made biscuits and lots of time in the garden. With the sun still strong enough to warm our skin, we got busy putting the garden to bed for winter with pruning, weeding, racking and a mass aphid extermination!

But my favourite part has been making wonderful compost in preparation for spring. We are making as much as possible, oh the beautiful rich earth to come! It will form the basis for our grand veggie garden plans, all of which will be revealed soon!

If you haven't made compost before, its pretty simple and any mistakes relatively easy to fix. About a year ago I started working towards a zero waste lifestyle, food scraps made up so much of what we sent to landfill and was easily avoided when we began to compost and use a worm farm, both of which give back to the garden. Yay!

>> Download our guide to making compost here. <<

Besides compost we also planted out a mass of succulents, gifted to us from a dear friend, spent lots of time with loved ones, built a fairy garden and op shopped at every store we could find for goodies... 

1 | Earth in the making.

2 | Compost brewing.

3 | Aerial Gardening - Emerson chose himself a wicker hanging basket on one of our op shopping adventures, and planted a selection of succulents in it, then strung it up in his tree aside the assortment of other potted plants that sway merrily.

4 | We planted out aloe vera in the garden beds closest to the house, the mother had lots of little pups that we dotted around... smoothie season just got a whole lot better!

5 | I noticed a few sprigs shooting up from the roof of the shed and when I climbed up to look I found the most plush velvety moss and pretty pink succulents that had found a roof top home. So we pinched some moss and made a fairy garden around the pond.

6 | Ready for long smokey nights star gazing.

7 | The last round of roses before winter at our "Florabunda Cottage"

Love, J x

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