5 Day Mindfulness Guide

Sometimes we just need to stop thinking, analyzing and controlling and just be. That is what the next 5 days is about, this guide consists of some ideas we have around what mindfulness is and offers a few suggestions for how to we do it at Whole Living...

Day One

Wake up slow - give yourself enough time to sit and be. Meditating before the monkey mind has had a chance to begin to chatter will set the tone for your day.

When you begin to practice the art of meditation, and yes it is an art.... you may find it challenging, you may find your mind fights the stillness and gets louder. This is temporary, given time and practice you may find spaces of time that you find peace and stillness, time where you feel expanse and connection with no judgement. These little pockets of time may increase in length and frequency, they may bubble into your everyday life. Hey you may even find space between you and your emotions, you may be able to choose your responses... imagine that, no more being a puppet to that emotional roller coaster. 

Start slow, do not buy into expectations and let your practice receal its magic to you.

Continue your moments of meditation daily...

Day Two

Spread consciousness beyond yourself. Build an awareness of your impact on the world around you, from what you place kerbside in the bin, to what you plant around your home, to what you purchase to eat and cloth yourself in. Below we have given you some playful ideas on ways you can feel that connection to more than just yourself.... pick and choose what works for you and enjoy the process of getting to  know a new way to be mindFULL.

Day Three

If you have a busy noisy home bustling with life (like mine!).... you will know what I mean by the joy of silence. Select the words that you put out into the world carefully, enjoy freeing yourself from pouring unnecessary noise out. You may be surprised by how much energy your conserve by practicing silence.

Day Four

What makes you grow? Have you read something inspiring recently, drawn, danced or cooked a beautiful meal. Below we share ideas on how you can connect to your creativity...

Slow Living 4.jpg

Day Five 

Make your home a sanctuary, clearing away what you don't need or use creates peace and space. Mindlessly filling our homes (and therefore emptying our wallets) with things we don't need will only stagnate us energetically. Below is a simple idea to de-clutter... 

Sacred Spaces 1.jpg

We hope you find these simple ideas useful. Let us know how you practice mindfulness in your everyday life...

If you want more ideas you can download our extended Mindfulness Guide here...

Love, J&A x

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