Supplement of the month

So we know that the world of supplementation is a tad confusing, instead of spilling your pockets out at the local health food shop, we are going to share our favourite supplement each month, and tell you why it works, how it works and if its right for you! 

HOW DOES IT WORK: Magnesium plays a key function in more than 350 enzymes, primarily as a function in ATP for energy production. It is necessary for proper muscle and nerve function. Many foods naturally contain Magnesium, however modern diets may result in the need for supplementation. 

BODY SYSTEMS SUPPORTED: Supports healthy cardiovascular function | Aids the production of energy | Helps maintain healthy nervous system function | Helps the body metabolise carbohydrates and fats | Plays a necessary role in more than 300 essential biological reactions within the body | Helps in the development of healthy bones and teeth.

FORMS OF MAGNESIUM: There are many forms of magnesium: Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Orotate is the best for bioavailbility, Magnesium Citrate Malate and Magnesium Lactate are also good.

WHO SHOULD NOT TAKE MAGNESIUM: Magnesium toxicity is rare, although it can occur in individuals with impaired renal function or during massive intravenous administration of magnesium.

Love, J x

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