Slow Living

It's a bit of a buzz word isn't it - slow living - conscious living - authentic living etc. People are talking about it, wanting more of it and attempting it, but what does it really mean? We considered what it meant to us and how we cultivated it in our lives, for us it is living in the moment, rather than a forced or manufactured state, simply put, its just being. We recognise that slow living means different things to different people, so in an attempt to capture the essence we created this little guide to get you started.

Meditation seems to be either loved or despised and I believe that its one of those little chestnuts that requires practice, practice, practice before it feels anywhere near natural. The very fabric of society is built on the premise that no time should be wasted, and we seem to have convinced our selves that meditation is wasted time. Slowing down comes from a place of awareness, developing awareness requires the monkey mind to slow down (or cease!) and meditation is one way we can access this powerful state of peace and balance.

A profound change in my life came from my challenge to live a zero waste lifestyle, its been 2 years and the challenge is an ever changing and evolving habit, sometimes I do well and other times I am not so committed (aka I get busy!). But what I do notice is that when I am being more considerate of my choices and their impact on the environment, I feel and think better, I slow down, breath and notice. 

Not much needs to be said, the experience of mindful silence kind of blew my mind. I likened mindless chatter, or conversation that belittles, spreads untruth or is simply unnecessary, to littering with words. Less littering means more space and peace. Nice.

Remember all the things that you said one day you would do...

I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to live the width of it as well. ~Diane Ackerman

And so I shall leave you with this thought...

Love, J x

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