Sacred Spaces

Where we choose to live, spend our time and who we choose to be in our space impacts us, waking up to a space that inspires and uplifts, being welcomed home to a safe and comfy space, sharing a space with loved ones that allows celebration and joy. Our homes are reflections of the lives we have lived - that art, that trinket, that photograph, they are memories of another time.

A few years ago when my baby was a baby, I spent days, weeks and well lets be honest, months breast feeding in bed, lulling her to sleep and day dreaming myself, all this down time is a time I look back on fondly, not only did I relish in the slow days and soft sheets, but I found a website called audible, a site where you download books and they are read to you - sometimes by people with awesome to listen to voices! So during this time of rest, I listened to classics, self helps and adventure tales, and I came across a book called 'The life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo, the book discusses Kondo's approach to decluttering based on Japanese values, which includes the spirit of Zen. 

Kondo is pretty OCD, erm I mean hardcore, so some of her advice was difficult for me to digest, but the essence and central theme was living with things that only bring you joy. And since we were due for an interstate move, I embraced this in every way. Letting go and releasing things from our home that we had lugged around for over a decade felt so good.


I hear you thinking "she wants me to clean!? What the!?" but just give me a minute to explain, looking after our stuff brings about a level of mindfulness that we don't experience when we treat things like they are disposable. In a world where there is fast fashion, fast food, fast furniture - cheap, mass produced products that are not meant to last, it makes sense that investing in quality and looking after it is a good choice. A well worn in home that fits just right needs to be treated just right!

My most favourite things are those that are hand made or pre-loved, there is just something about the idea that these innate objects have had a life before me, seen times before i was even born, my dining table is an antique that I repainted and I love imagining the stories and meals that have been shared around it, if second hand isnt your thing, consider local or fair trade, bringing a consciouness to our purchasing power leads to the people pulling the consumer strings listening to what we want. 

I'm a details person, I love making my space a place of complete immersion - sight, smell, sound, touch & texture and of course delicious tastes (dinner not licking the couch, euw!), and I equally love sharing it with loved ones. A home not a house gives me a a base to create...

Love, J x

Jen ParkerComment