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3 Ways to SLOW your MIND down

Is it just me or does it seem like the world keeps getting busier and busier? I feel like I blinked and now it’s October. I’ve been talking to a lot of folks and it seems like we are taking less time-off, working more, sleeping less and just trying to get to the end of the week. It’s hard with our fast-paced lives to not to get caught up in it all. I know I find myself sometimes running on what I call nervous energy. It’s a bit of rollercoaster, with a frantic pace, moving from one activity to the next. So how do we step off the crazy train, slow our minds down and avoid burnout.

1. Prioritise

Access importance. Take a moment to really evaluate what has more value. Answering that email or listening to your child tell you about their day.

In this day and age we can access each other anywhere, anytime and we get pulled into the vortex of having everything NOW. But is it all necessary? Are we just feeding the beast, and creating a culture that takes us away from the people in our physical presence and puts us on our mobiles and computers all the time?

2. Recognise your patterns of behaviour

Become an observer. Sometimes we get so caught up in the spin of it all we lose track of time and our baseline. We all know that real relaxed state we are in after a break. I know that when I come back from a break I try to promise myself to stay calm and collected and not get back on the hamster wheel spinning around, but somehow inevitably it seems I end up spinning once again. This year I have really worked on becoming aware of the little habits that fuel the frantic and I have started to reverse the behaviours upon their onset. My key frenzy fuelling behaviours are: overcommitting myself, rushing around, technology glued, and shallow breathing. Identify your patterns and make a conscious effort to taper the behaviour.

For instance I noticed that when I am going to have a really busy day I tend to rush around in the morning, I eat my breakfast while standing, I make a lot of noise clattering about, I’m curt with my words and my breathing is really shallow. So now when I wake up I slow down, when the anxious nervous energy arises, I take a deep breath, I focus on something in the room or a sound around me to slow down and take my myself out of the dialog running through my mind and bring myself back to the present moment. I reassure myself that the day is manageable. I remind myself that no matter what happens, even if I’m a bit late, that this day is only a blink of an eye in the great scheme of things, and that most importantly I am only one person and I am human.

3. Have Fun

Laugh often. I know people say this all the time but there really is a lot of value in laughing often. When we laugh and start to enjoy ourselves we are truly in the moment. When we’re in the moment our mind slows down or at least the endless task lists seem to go to the wayside. Not only are we enjoying ourselves and in the moment the body is actually releasing all of these amazing happy hormones that change our mental state and increase our emotional resiliency. Not every moment in life is a laughing matter but if we can start to add a little humour into our lives we can create positive change. I mean really as humans we are pretty ridiculous in a lot of ways if we take the time to step outside and look at the bigger picture.



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