Flower Crowns, Champagne + Birthdays

At 2.30pm there was a knock at my door and a friend was standing with her arms overflowing with vines, foliage and flowers. Over the next half an hour my most favourite girls streamed in, all under the weight of plant life and food. I was sent to the kitchen whilst I listened to their giggles and my 2 year old's nonsensical narration of what was happening.

You see, they had got wind that it was my birthday and with hubby away in South America, they didn't want me to be alone.

{The great thing about having a sister who is a photographer is that nothing gets missed!} 

Here is our day...

Untitled design (14).jpg

The girls got to work filling my home with bunches of flowers, spread onto every surface in jars, vintage vases, candle holders and tumblers. Vanilla candles were lit, champagne was flowing and the space was transformed into a wonderland that had only existed in my imagination! 

The girls had been scouring op shops all week to source table clothes, vases and wine glasses.

At one particular store a friend had been pondering over a table cloth when the little old lady who was running the shop came over to her; "Oh that is a nice table cloth, every girl needs a good one you know." She agreed and continued on looking around with the table cloth in hand. Before she went to pay she considered the purchase once more and the shop assistant came over again, "its such a nice table cloth, if you don't have the money, Ill buy it for you!"

Sisterhood at any age!

I said goodbye to my two little ones and they headed on an adventure with their uncle, then we sat in the cool, sipped on cocktails and made flower crowns, it was all my dreams come true. As the saying goes "your vibe attracts your tribe", and this tribe...they. just. get. me.

Everyone joined in...

And then this happened...

Isn't the love story behind this cake divine!? Click the story to find the recipe.

The girls gifted me a notebook filled with handwritten letters from them all, lots of memories from our years together, plus photos and quotes and mum brought a box of old photos from my childhood.

The day captured everything that I strive for Whole Living to be, which is why we chose to share it here. The connection, community, food, laughs and good vibes. The details that meant so much, the consideration and thought, the heart felt conversations, it was just beautiful and made me appreciate having so many amazing women in my world.

Love my Tribe xo

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