Whole Living Ceramics

Last year when Anamari and I sat down to brainstorm our ideas and passions for Whole Living, we came up with a pretty big list, we are both creative, both inspired and both big dreamers. Taking the dream and creating the Whole Living you see today has been an amazing 12 months of nail biting moments, waves of relief and a whole lot of laughs!

Last year saw us get busy setting up spaces for workshops, retreats, feasts and attending festivals, spreading the good word and learning and loving along the way. We kicked some goals, some we didn't even plan for, we found support from those close and far away, and we realized that our message was being heard.

So we sat down once more at the end of the year, reflected on what we had done, what worked and what we were wiser of now and started to sculpt out our plan for 2017, we both knew the next step for Whole Living was ceramics.

We have shared our love of ceramics with anyone, who will hang around long enough, to hear us describe the pleasure from eating off of handmade stoneware. The mindfulness of making the effort to make something routine into an experience and opportunity to create depth to our lives. Yep, we really take our plates seriously!

We are so excited to be able to offer seasonal limited edition ranges. That means Anamari herself will be making small batches of beautiful serveware + ceramics for you to enjoy.

Each season we will pull on natures hues to inspire a new colour or detail. The ceramics will be sold online with optional postage or pick up at Ashtanga Yoga Studio weekly.

Each piece is individually hand thrown on a pottery wheel using traditional artisan techniques, no two pieces are exactly the same and through the firing process each piece will reveal its unique details and colour. The beauty in creating art that reveals itself to the artist.

We will be launching the range at the up and coming Seasonal Feast and will shortly thereafter release a limited range online. Watch this space >>>

Love, J&A x

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