We finally launched our first release of ceramics! And what a journey it has been, the highs and lows of working with clay and the surprise, delight and dismay at opening the kiln - who knows what you will find behind those heavy doors.

There are many things that have influenced each one of the pieces you see here; the mood, the clay, and the kiln gods. You know -- Sometimes the kiln gods don't shine down on us, but it doesn't mean that these pieces are not full of love, aesthetically pleasing and totally functional! We wanted to pass down a little love to our Whole Living peeps and that is why we launched our prototypes. We would love to see these mischievous misfits go to homes that realise that nothing in this life is perfect and that we must embrace our imperfections because after all that's what creates a unique experience.

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The next round of items will go up next week, and we will continually update our online shop with what is available.

We can custom make orders if you have something special in mind and make dinner plate sets to order - contact us at hello@whole-living.com.au if you have any questions.

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