Bringing profound experiences to each breath...

I read an article written by The Gottman Institute recently, it explained mindfulness, which is a topic that we love here at Whole Living, after all we are called human beings - so how do we just be?

Mindfulness takes practice, start by noticing the little moments, the right now - this breath - this heart beat. Letting the past and future melt. In the article on The Gottman Institute they state that by 'learning to identify and cultivate these experiences could give you a richer and more successful life'. The following are examples from other languages, words that describe different moments that we think are worth noticing.

  • Desbundar (Portuguese) – to shed one’s inhibitions in having fun
  • Tarab (Arabic) – a musically induced state of ecstasy or enchantment
  • Shinrin-yoku (Japanese) – the relaxation gained from bathing in the forest, figuratively or literally
  • Gigil (Tagalog) – the irresistible urge to pinch or squeeze someone because they are loved or cherished
  • Yuan bei (Chinese) – a sense of complete and perfect accomplishment
  • Iktsuarpok (Inuit) – the anticipation one feels when waiting for someone, whereby one keeps going outside to check if they have arrived

Noticing the small moments leads to a life full of ... well, LIFE!

Love J&A x

Jen ParkerComment