Another beautiful CLOGA workshop came and went this weekend -- we teamed up with the talented Kara Wood Ceramics and the day was spent at Kara's studio, imagine a massive warehouse, Kara's studio is spaciously laid out at one end, I was like a kid in a candy store, everything was beautiful, playful art hanging from the walls, pieces of clay in various states of progress on shelving that stretched the long walls. A nook for contemplation... it felt homely.

Then through some big double doors and the rest of the warehouse is sectioned off into smaller studios, each rented by a different artist, as you go up stairs to the space we used for yoga - the drawing room - you can peak between sarongs hung from bare wall studs  into the spaces below. Paintings and creation strewn throughout, there was some serious inspiration floating around those parts.

Guests arrived at 11ish and settled in with a herbal cup of tea, Anamari then took them upstairs for a super relaxing and rejuvenating yoga practice. When everyone was zenned out they floated back downstairs to a feast... veggie curry, dahl, salad, bread and sweet pumpkin pie made by Kara - you can check out the recipe here

And once we had toasty full bellies, we moved onto clay... 

Thank you to the brilliant bunch of ladies that joined us, we hope you had as much fun as we did!! Until next time...

Love J&A x

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