[Journal] Roadtripping

A journey down South.


We woke the kids up hours before dawn and snuck into the pre-warmed car; our puppy, a few bags and us. The kids and I drifted in and out of sleepy-eyed-sleep until the sun was high and our stomachs growled. I had packed some nibbles so we passed around containers of carrots and cucumber sticks, macadamia nuts and dried fruit, seaweed crackers and cookies plus green smoothies I made the night before. We were headed South where we hadn't of been for the longest of times, to visit B's family.

Like a magician Frankie performed tricks and songs making us all laugh and Emerson and I played 'I-spy' - I found his intricate and obscure 'spies' impossible to guess.


We stopped when we needed to stretch and crack...


One day during our stay Frankie and I went exploring to little coastal towns along the great ocean road, Frankie's Poppy was patient with us, stopping at all the little vintage stores we found along the way and then he treated us to a sea side lunch.

In one store I met a beautiful soul, Claudia who started living her passion by opening a space filled with all of her loves - vintage wares, pieces made by local artists and various handmade beauties - I was looking for gifts and found some precious stone bracelets -- Claudia shared the story behind them... 

A local artist [and friend] had made them, Claudia told me that she keeps her collections of stones strewn across large desks in her studio. She has roof top windows above the desks and opens them to the full moon to bath the stones in the moonlight and recharge their magic. I could only imagine the energy that her studio must be pumping!


Soul wares at Claudia's store [instagrams @c_llectivefound] --->


Always exploring... Emerson and Frankie were both enticed and enchanted by meeting new faces along the way. Watching them snuggle into a new persons lap - another cousin, a poppy they had never met or a close friend. Seeing them delighted in knowing that these people were our people. They found their home away from home.


We were playing lost mermaids and spinning until we felt dizzy-drunk at a park by the ocean, when Frankie stopped and gasped -- "MAMA take a photo of that tree, its bootiful!" ---->


Road trips remind me of the beauty that surrounds us in this place we call home. Arn't we lucky?!

Love J x

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