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Whole Living Beauty: Chamomile + Calming Face Mist

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History of Chamomile

Calming chamomile is probably most widely appreciated for its sleep-inducing properties (sleepytime tea, anyone?), and it can indeed promote more restful slumber. But you don’t have to drink it to reap the rewards — the simple act of applying chamomile to the skin can have a host of benefits. The flavonoids present in chamomile have been found to reduce inflammation in skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and sun damage, with anti-bacterial properties fighting infection and staving off acne and reducing redness.

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{Recipe} Chamomile face spray


1 cup boiling water
2 tbsp dried or fresh chamomile
120 ml. glass spray bottle
2-3 drops chamomile essential oil
1-2 drops lavender essential oil
1/2 tsp witch hazel
Optional: 1/2 tsp jojoba oil


Prepare the chamomile tea by placing the dried chamomile in a glass bowl and pouring boiling water over top. Allow the chamomile to steep for 15 minutes. Strain into a clean bowl or mug and allow to cool completely. To make the face mist, pour chamomile essential oil, lavender essential oil, witch hazel, and jojoba (if using) into a glass spray bottle. Fill the rest of the way with chamomile tea, cap, and shake.

To use: Mist face any time you need extra moisture or to sooth dry, irritated, or sunburned skin.

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