{Beauty} cleanse - week four

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This is the last week of your detox. It is here that I invite you to consider - What now? You may have been to see me in clinic, or spoken to me in person, if so you will know that I am all about 'real' nutrition, obtainable and realistic expectations. I am about room for mistakes and a whole lot of self love so this last article is aimed at your ongoing lifestyle.

Where to now...

In the past the only option for eating was from real, nutritious foods, however modern food processing has done a particularly good job of leaving us with foods that are void of nutrition. And the sugar and salt content has us programmed to crave and love them! Its really not your fault you love them!

Taken from my Health at Every Size training here are Dr Linda Bacon's tips for eating well:

Enjoy what you eat

Really. Eat with gusto. It's so much more satisfying.

Eat real food

Real food comes from nature, not a box, can, or bag. Processed foods are typically stripped of vital nutrients and laden with excessive amount of salt, sugar, fat and synthetic chemicals. The less food is messed with and the quicker it gets from the farm to table, the more nutritious it is.

Eat mostly plants

Plants are densely packed with nutrients that nourish you. Meat and dairy provide valuable nutrients, but they work better in moderation - as a side dish rather than a habitual main course. The more plant-based foods ou eat, the fewer animal-based foods you eat, which is overall much healthier for you. 

Wholesome eating does not require that you become vegetarian or vegan. Moderation is the key.

Get variety

Foods of the same type, and with the same colours, textures and taste tend to concentrate the same nutrients. Eating a variety of foods ensures that you get a wider range of nutrients. Aim for foods with vibrant colours and strong aromas, as these often parallel nutrient density. You get more nutrients for your caloric buck!

The menu is not limited to plant foods. Just use them to form the base of your diet and complement them with other foods you love. 

This advice may seem basic but as I spoke about here the basics are the key. When it comes down to it, food is just food. Individual foods rarely have the ability to significantly transform your health or wellbeing. You are better off paying attention to your overall dietary patterns rather than individual foods.

Choose foods that help you feel good and trust your body to guide you in making good nutrition choices.

Lastly here is a Live Well Pledge

Today I will try to feed myself when I am hungry.
Today I will try to be attentive to how foods taste and make me feel.
Today I will try to choose foods that i like and that make me feel good.
Today, I will try to honour my body's signals of fullness.
Today, I will try to find an enjoyable way to move my body.
Today, I will try to look kindly at my body and to treat it with love and respect.

Love J x

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