Why I encourage you to drink wine and eat chocolate

Here’s the thing, we know that as soon as we tell ourselves we can’t have something the brain goes into warfare and tries to sabotage our restrictive efforts. We know that as soon as we tell ourselves that something is off the table, it makes it oh-so-more appealing and lust-worthy. We know that diets don’t work, eventually will-power will wane and that thing you have been drooling over will be all over your lips in a delicious moment of YUM.

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So if we know all that then why isn’t the message changing... don’t get me wrong I really do think that the conversation is becoming easier but we all still find ourselves sneaking wistful glances at decadence while silently repeating - "I shall not!"

And this my lovely’s is why I encourage you to indulge. I have NEVER, to this date, said to any patient that they cannot have something they enjoy... simply no food is off the table. And you know what... it's working! Shock horror, you can have your cake and eat it.

Here is why >>>

It’s all about your approach ...and this is what I absolutely love working with people on.

1. Eat what you love

When you eat what you love you bring joy and satisfaction to your life. If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, pair a crisp white with your salmon, or choose a full bodied red with your slow cooked casserole. Enjoy it, savoir it, notice how the flavours compliment and fill you. 

This approach is different to drinking a bottle of wine while watching late night TV and mindlessly switching off.  Enjoy your wine (or beer) but notice it.

If you LOVE chocolate, find a choice that hits the high notes on flavour, texture and yum. Make your chocolate eating a self-love ritual and find ways to make the mundane magnificent.

So you get the picture right? The same goes for coffee, chips and sweets. Enjoy regularly, while making the best choices for your body and notice how you feel when you do.

2. Eat intuitively

To begin with you may not intuitively know what you want, and that’s ok, that’s my job to guide you and teach you how your body works. Do you skip breakfast and lunch and binge on carbs in the afternoon? Do some foods leave you so bloated you skip the next meal? Do you reach for sugar at 3pm? Do you forget to drink water, get so thirsty you skull a litre and then feel even more dehydrated? 

There are reasons for this, they all stem from imbalance, little by little shifting to intuitive eating will see you constantly re-balance and maintain homeostasis.

3. Know your medicine

Do you know what to eat when you have PMS? Hint: The answer is cacao, chia seeds and cashews. What about when your skin breaks out? Try aloe vera, cucumber and lemon water. Do you know how to feel energised today from what you ate yesterday? Hello protein.

Food as medicine is a simple way to be well. 

I love working with people to bring what was once sinful into the light and learning how to make friends with it. If you want a realistic, honest and holistic approach, then I'm your gal!

Love, J x


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