Journal: April

-Journal -

as a way of practicing mindfulness, encouraging creativity and capturing memories, I am going to write a monthly (or so) journal...


We took a day trip to Wollombi, a sleepy countytown with a handful of shops and cafes, a museum and a general store. I was craving scones so we took up residence at the local cafe, the staff sang merrily as they made and served our morning tea, after we ate we went inside to check out their little bookstore, which showcased an entire section dedicated to local writers. Local honey, local art, local craft. The creatives are living at Wollombi.

Gabby and I had both taken our cameras with us, and little Frankie brought a crochet camera that doubled as a handbag, mimicing Gabby and I, she followed us snapping photos and directing Gabby on poses. We found a gorgeous little church, it was dark and still inside. In contrast the coloured glass panes that lined the walls, shone bright from the outside sunlight, glistening scenes of Adam and Eve, a bowl of fruit, a smiling sun. At first we didnt notice, but once we took a few photos and the flash lit the walls we could see they were intricately hand painted with flowers and patterns. 


I was introduced to an interesting article by an Occupational Therapist Victoria Prooday on screentime, parenting and ADHD. My son was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago, if im completely honest I knew it all along. From 6 months of age he was ten steps ahead of himself, frustrated and busy. The diagnosis didnt change much, it just gave me a name for a behaviour, and while we have spent 8 years developing strategies to help him there were some really nice take aways in this article. Motherhood can be a constant bombardment of information and so to read something that gave me new tools was refreshing - without sounding cocky I feel like I've tried it all!

The advice was set in daily rituals - 1 board game, 1 hour somewhere green, eat dinner as a family, 1 chore daily, allow boredom and enable a "boredom first aid kit" for self directed time.

With the above in mind I started to become more proactive with our rituals and have witnessed a beautiful unfolding within Emerson. He is picking up his art again, he has a puzzle on the go on the dining room table, he has numerous books on the go, he is self directing himself in the mornings with getting ready for school, he is picking up the chess board and guess who or scooter/mountain bike before the ipad and enticing his sister into cubby house building and imaginative games. Low light, bergamot and lemongrass oils, candles hissing and contentment have become our evenings. It's a welcome softness.


Rituals is a little bit of a theme at the moment, finding my own wellness prescription has included getting back on the yoga mat, early nights, morning bootcamp sessions, more creation and presence. We all drop in and out of what works, we get busy and distracted and forgot. Its completely normal. Finding my way back reminds me of rhythms or seasons of life we all live by. 

This month has been a lot of things, but in essence its been a whole lot of exploring with family, friendly faces with tales to tell in The Wellness Clinic, reintroduing myself to my art and remembering what it is that keeps my world spinning. 


Thanks for stopping by in this little neck of the woods. 

Love, J x

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