This is us...

The Easter holidays were spent close to home. The kids slept in late, and the grown ups did too. By the time we all piled out into the house, light filled the rooms and shadows from the roses that grew up past the windowsills, danced on our walls.

Each morning we sat together outside, enjoying steaming hot crossed buns with butter and jam while sleepily sipping coffees, and waking up slowly together. Most days continued on outside, hours spent under the broken light of our old camphor tree.

We played chess and created art, watercolours, acrylics and oil pastels staining our fingernails. I cooked for guests, feeling inspired and finding my groove in the kitchen. Craft beers and chocolate balanced with delicious salads and foods from the earth. We listened to good music taking it in turns to create playlists.

So many times I looked around me, seeing my most favourite people and felt thankful I was present enough to notice and appreciate it.

I have spent the past few weeks caught in my own mind, anyone who has experienced anxiety will know the drill, sometimes you just cant quite catch your breath and I'm not really sure why or what it was about. A good amount of yoga had helped, dropping into my body with mindful movement and breath, creating balance.

The stillness of 'now' was again comforting me.

Visitors came and went, some came and stayed. I hadn't picked up my camera in a while so decided to document our time. Writing With Light encouraging me to do so.

This is us...


We took a day trip to Walka Water Works, the boys went mountain bike riding and between chasing butterflies I snapped photos of Frankie. When we were hungry we found a shady spot and the boys joined us to devour sandwiches and fresh lemon lime and bitters.

I had filled my memory card on the camera so took a ride around the dam with Emerson. He pointed out kangaroos that pricked their ears while joeys curiously watched us as we sailed past. Emerson sweetly guided and coached me on the best way to manouver the tight corners and loose gravel. I felt my heart swell at his gentle kindness.


Love, J x

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