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 ballet, a cool change, friends who bring plants, girls weekends and the arrival of a Spanish shipment...


As the days became shorter and the slow cooker made a more permanent appearance on our bench top, we enrolled little Frank into her first dance class, held in a cute country dance hall, with a teacher that had taught my 30-something friends when they were small. She is the epitome of a ballet dancer; elegant and gentle with kindness and a soft voice. Each week we head off after school to watch Frankie dance with the grace of a herd of elephants all swinging arms for balance and lips sucked in with concentration. Bless.

Every now and again, when the music takes over her body, she forgets herself and with her eyes closed she swings her hips and wiggles her fingers - as though her body can stand the order and precision that ballet requires. It is a delight to watch.


Back in early 2017, my husband, who was in South America for work, surprised me on my birthday by facetiming me as he strolled around a market place in Chile. Local artisans had come out to display their wares - leather, textiles, ceramics, you name it ...and a very happy moi went shopping. Along the way I spotted a textile in the background and asked my husband to hold the piece up.

It was stunning, and like nothing I had seen before. Needless to say he brought it home and the love affair continued.

After enjoying my cloud blanket, known in Spanish as a Mantas, I realised how many others would love the workmanship and beauty of them, so I sought out a South American team of artists and translators who would help me bring these pieces to Australia. That was over 12 months ago, and these works of art have now arrived  - the Mantas and few other 'one off' pieces of homeware textiles (soon to be released) are available here.

This journey into international business has been a steep learning curve, overcoming language barriers and having patience with the long process - but you know the Whole Living ethos ---

Whole Living is living a life of meaning, purpose, intention and creation!

I just love items that tell a story, that support a passion and bring dreams to life, I beyond thrilled to bring you our next adventure...


I awoke to an arm slung lazily over me, peeling one eye open I saw my besties smiling face looking straight at me -- "Good morning... wanna climb the mountain?" Of course I did, so we snuck out of the apartment with the sneakyness and stealth of two bulls in a china shop (sorry to all the other girls we woke up) and off to the base of the mountain we went.

A breathless stranger jogging towards us called out "There is a pod of dolphins just off shore, be quick and you will see them..." 

We followed the sandy path out to the ocean and saw 20 or more slick grey dolphins playing in the waves, as the ocean licked the shore the sun rose high enough to light the entire cove in a dripping golden light. We both stood with sucked in breath, motionless watching the magic, breaking the moment, a bird landed within arm’s reach above our heads and sang loudly, as if announcing the day.

The spell was broken but the magic was not. We continued on our adventure heading up the winding pathways and steps that led us to the summit. It was as if mother nature was rewarding us for getting up early to welcome the day, a kookaburra laughed ahead on the handrail, rays of light that looked so solid they could be caught, lit up patches of the ocean, creating sparkling pools of light that were almost too bright to look at. At the summit we caught our breath and watched below as the remaining pod of dolphins played in the shallows. 

My friend mused, "I don't know what possesses me to climb this mountain with a hangover, but every time I have one I do it, and then here I stand and I remember why!" The wind was not letting any cobwebs lay. We stood looking out at the world waking up, feeling like the luckiest two there were!


And apart from the excitement and thrills of all the above this month we have spent time with friends, baked home goodies while piles of boys loaded up the house with nerf guns and whoops, our hen - Ghost - laid her first eggs, which was a particularly exciting occasion. A dear friend, a talented artist with a magical heart visited with all sorts of wonders from her garden, always spreading inspiration and kindness with her, we hugged tightly and spoke in quick bursts of information - it had been far too long. 

And that was that. Thanks for stopping by.


Love, J x

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