Wellness Encyclopedia: The Natural Approach to STRESS

So stress is everywhere right? And even if you dont feel stressed, that doesnt mean that poor sleep, fatigue, long work hours, exercise, poor diet or a million other things arn't causing stress (hello acidity) within the body.

Did you know that our gut microbiome and enzymes - one of the backbones of wellness - needs a specific acid/alkaline balance to operate within. This means that if you fluctuate outside of normal - which we all do - myself included. These babies and the millions of pathways they work within are also affected.

So I want to share a simple 5 step approach to STRESS MANAGEMENT (and it doesnt involve deep breathing)*

1. Check out your hormones:

Is your stress worse in the week before your cycle? Cranky, irritable, short temper, like every one in the ENTIRE WORLD IS ANNOYING... yep thats hormones. Sheesh. The remedies for balancing hormones are relatively simple -- Evening Primrose Oil, Chaste Tree, Lipids. 

2. Liver Function:

Its ok, we all expect a lot from our liver - red wine is just sooo.... good.

So looking after this wonderful organ is super important - there are many ways to do this therapeautically (N-acetylcysteine, Glutathione, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E) but from an at home dietary point of view... get green, increase your alkalinity - apple cider vinegar or lemon in water works wonders, anti-inflammatory turmeric and black pepper in all your cooking is also awesome! And remember from time to time -- take out the items that hinder the liver: alcohol, toxic cleaning products, cigarette smoke, too much salt, fried or processed foods and refined sugars.

3. Triggers:

Times of day, days of the week, people, foods, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of singing at the top of your voice in the car! What do YOU need to be well?

Here is what I need -- a clean kitchen to start the day - seriously nothing makes me more cranky than walking into the utter chaoes I made the night before! Time to talk to hubby - the kids love to squash this, I actually re-arranged our house and put two comfy arm chairs in the dining room, so after dinner we could sit and chat while the kids watched TV or played in the main area of the house, and finally exercise - I need 30 minutes of endorphin pumping weights or conditioning training. On days I cant go to the gym I literally just run up and down the drive way, use the skipping rope and do some abs - 30 minutes and i'm even keeled again!

4. Nutritional Balance:

Caffiene is awesome, but you know its not so awesome when stressed, take it back a notch to one cup a day, and be mindful, I totally know what its like to slug back a coffee and then need another one straight away because I didnt really take notice. Saviour that sucker! Have you eaten anything green today? Anything plant based? Where did you get your fats from? Balance not perfection is the key.

5. Inflammation:

Yup stress causes inflammation, inflammation causes stress. Nasty cycle. Lets jump on top of that straight away. Magnesium, B6, fish oils, fats from nuts, seeds, avocado and salmon. Also rest. Rest reduces inflammation. 

You can do one or all of the above, it will make a difference if you are consistant and give it some time, but if you need help and cant seem to figure out your personal wellness prescription reach out. Its what I love to do!

Love, J x 

*but seriously take a deep breath because it is kinda cool to breathe!

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