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Whole living is inspired by the concept "living a life of meaning, purpose, intention and creation."

What this means for you is that Jen has taken the six years of studies completed in Nutritional Medicine and put all her love and passion into a little space called The Wellness Clinic. 

Health is a big topic and often defined by a specific set of rules - we've kicked that old chestnut to the curb and started a new conversation.

Whole Living is about the way you think, feel and move. Its about the choices you make for every aspect of your life and how they impact you and the wider community. 

Through working with your own individual needs Jen is excited to bring real and holistic health to you.



To provide knowledge & inspiration that empowers others to make positive & lasting healthy lifestyle choices.

What if I fall?
Oh but my darling, what if you fly?
— Erin Hanson


  • In 2018 Whole Living co-hosted events with Snap Fitness Maitland, to offer health and wellness to the community.

  • In 2018 Whole Living co-hosted an event with Hunter Healthy Spines to offer health and wellness to the community.

  • In 2017 Whole Living opened The Wellness Clinic in East Maitland NSW.

  • In 2017 Whole Living teamed up with Snap Fitness to offer an Urban Health Retreat.

  • Whole Living hosted a mass outdoor yoga class to launch the 2016 and again for the 2017 Smart Living Festival for Lake Macquarie City Council

  • Whole Living hosted a plant based cooking class and did talks on sustainable living and environmentally conscious food choices.

  • In 2016 Whole Living launched a series of Walking into Wellness Workshops working with members of the community to find holistic health strategies that suit their personal needs.

  • Whole Living launched its first pop up Plant Based Feast in 2016 in Newcastle, a night under the stars... read more here.

  • Whole Living ran Creative Kids workshops all through the summer holidays and had an absolute blast, we wrote about it here

  • Whole Living collaborated and made up a word... CLOGA - combining clay and yoga in a workshop format! We wrote about these here & here.

  • Whole Living has hosted educational film nights, where we brought nutritional education and practice to the local community.

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