The Wellness Clinic 

The Whole Living Wellness Clinic established in 2017.

I am Jen a Clinical Nutritionist offering Nutritional Medicine Consultations and Iridology focusing on holistic health strategies to heal the body from the inside out...



Online Health + Wellness Programs

Premium Program - 10 weeks

Completely personalised this program is the bees knees Rolls Royce, and I am here to hold your hand every step of the way!! 


  • Initial health history so we can tailor the program to meet your needs and goals

  • Welcome pack with two self guided programs targeted at mindfulness + detox

  • 1 weekly | 30 minute phone consultation

  • Fortnightly webinar access - topics from gut health, to body acceptance, to mindfulness, sleeping well, food hang ups and more...

  • Fortnightly personalised meal programs; let’s find ways to inspire you in the kitchen, hitting the flavours you love while fuelling that amazing body of yours! 

  • Goal setting, accountability check ins + lifestyle strategies.

  • Weekly health + wellness challenges to keep you on track.

Investment: = $60 per/week

Community Program - 10 weeks

For those that are self motivated and want to tap into an awesome bunch of like minded souls, you will recieve loads of information, recipes, ideas, strategies aimed at your holistic health.


  • Welcome pack with self guided program targeted at your choice of focus ... mindfulness or detox

  • Fortnightly webinar access - topics from gut health, to body acceptance, to mindfulness, sleeping well, food hang ups and more...

  • Fortnightly meal program

  • Weekly health + wellness challenges to keep you on track

Investment: = $20 per/week

Face to Face Services

Initial Consultation - 60 minutes - $150

For those that wish to have a health overhaul, you may have chronic illness, a diagnosis or have just been off for a long time. We need to gather as much information as possible and get to the root cause of your issues.

Included in an initial consultation:
🌿 A full health history
🌿 60 minute face to face consultation
🌿 iridology analysis and reporting 
🌿 health reporting which includes your 8-12 week program
🌿 1 week whole food meal program 
🌿 Prescription for any supplements*
*I only ever prescribe what is absolutely necessary and will work within your budget.

Follow up Consultation - 30 minutes - $50

For those that have attended an initial consultation, will likely need a follow up to stay on track. Most clients will see me 2-5 times, I can give you a better idea of how things might look at your initial consultation. Your progress will depend on the level of imbalance within your body, and your bodies response to treatment.

Our follow ups are tailored to your personal needs and will be packed full of lifestyle ideas, personalised recipes and trouble shooting to make sure you stay well.

Health Check up - 30 minutes - $60

This special offer is for new* or existing clients. You may have not been into The Wellness Clinic for a while and need a bit of a tweak up or perhaps you are wanting to dip a toe in and see what’s on offer at The Wellness Clinic, either way you will recieve...

🌿 30 minute face to face consultation
🌿 iridology analysis and reporting 
🌿 health and well-being goal setting
🌿 1 week whole food meal program 

* We do not recommend that those with chronic illness, or multiple health concerns choose the Health Check up - the Initial Consultation will be better suited to your needs.


Iridology  - the science of analysing the iris to identify fluctuations in body systems, we identify areas that may be inflamed or distressed and causing systemic dis-ease. Strategies and options to manage these imbalances within the body are explored.

Nutritional Medicine - learn how to use food to heal and nourish the body, activate your immune system, balance your hormones and rejuvenate your digestive system, learn about the gut brain connection and how to use food to fuel your mind, body and soul.


What is Holistic Nutrition?

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Whole foods

Simplify your approach to foods, learn which foods suit your body and how to use food as medicine. Glow from the inside out, feel energized and balanced and understand your bodies needs better.

Seasonal Eating

Seasons are considered a source of natural diversity that form the natural backdrop for eating. Our bodies crave warm, comforting root vegetables in the winter and fresh green salads in the summer – that’s traditionally all that was available for us.

Eating with the seasons is one of the best ways to stay in rhythm with nature, get nutrient rich produce, connect with our community at local markets and feel our grounded and nourished. 

Our Relationships

What we eat is equally as important to having a healthy relationship with food and our bodies. Taking a deeper look into the emotions that may be holding you back from living your best life and patterns of negative thinking, are critical to making long-lasting impactful changes and getting you unstuck emotionally and physically.

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Holistic Lifestyle Practices

We practice what we preach at Whole Living so lets chat mindfulness, lets find ways to slow down, breath, maybe we need to be still, or maybe we need to shake it up a little... lets explore lifestyle alchemy!

Self Care Rituals

Backed by an evidence based practice, we know that the best way to feel well is to create space for intentional movement, mindful moments including meditation, nature walks, gentle yoga or healing baths, to allow you to get present with your body, deepening into alignment and re-connecting with your vibrant self.

Self care is not a luxury it is a necessity when it comes to living your best life and a critical part of healing in the holistic nutrition model.