The Wellness Clinic 

The Whole Living Wellness Clinic established in 2017.

A sanctuary from the hustle and bustle, a place to rest and surrender. I am Jen a Clinical Nutritionist offering Nutritional Medicine Consultations and Iridology focusing on holistic health strategies to heal the body from the inside out...


WHAT's on OFFER...

Iridology  - the science of analysing the iris to identify fluctuations in body systems, we identify areas that may be inflamed or distressed and causing systemic dis-ease. Strategies and options to manage these imbalances within the body are explored.

Nutritional Medicine - learn how to use food to heal and nourish the body, activate your immune system, balance your hormones and rejuvenate your digestive system, learn about the gut brain connection and how to use food to fuel your mind, body and soul.

The Clinic - The Wellness Clinic is a home based clinic in East Maitland NSW, we offer flexible appointment hours.

Costs: The initial consultaiton is $120, and will take approximately 1 hour, in this time we will gather an extensive health history and discuss the current issues that have brought you to the clinic. The initial consultation will be followed up with an indepth report on the areas that we need to work on, a treatment plan, meal plan, recipes and dietary suggestions plus handouts that relate to your specific needs.

Follow up consultations are $50, these take between 30-40 minutes and depending on what we are working on usually 1-3 follow ups are required (of course there are exceptions to that rule and one session may be enough or 6 sessions are needed!) In this we tweak, balance, problem solve, recipe source, meal plan and generally get you on the right path!

Then its up to you to take the new knowledge and go ahead to be your best self yet!


Whole foods

Simplify your approach to foods, learn which foods suit your body and how to use food as medicine. Glow from the inside out, feel energized and balanced and understand your bodies needs better.

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Holistic lifestyle practices

We practice what we preach at Whole Living so lets chat mindfulness, lets find ways to slow down, breath, maybe we need to be still, or maybe we need to shake it up a little... lets explore lifestyle alchemy!