THE WEllness CLinic

"Just completed our 14 day detox after attending Jen’s clinic taking up the special offer package. How refreshing to be in the care of such a beautiful healthy soul who is interested in your Whole Lifestyle so she can guide and encourage you through the detox simply whilst nourishing your appetite with delicious recipes of whole foods. We were concerned it was going to be a challenge as our life cycle has reached a high social status being empty nesters, but it was truly a great big reality check to reflect on our alcohol intake and meal portions. Thanks Jen I couldn’t recommend you enough for anyone who wants a no nonsense professional nutritionist who also displays the benefits by her own healthy disposition. Ps did I mention her iridologist reading was like a crystal ball reading about my body and mind." ~ Lisa and Andrew

"My 8 year old was a mess- not sleeping, not eating properly, never happy... until Jen helped us! She is a miracle worker!!" ~ Jennifer

"Jen has helped me improve my cholesterol with amazing results. Her support and patience helped me to overcome and adopt new habits that I have made part of my lifestyle. Her willingness to listen intently and help me find a way forward when I felt stuck has been greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Jen and will seek her guidance again when needed." ~ Anne

"Jen is absolutely amazing. She's very caring and passionate about helping you get back on track with your health. I can't remember the last time I felt this good, thank you!" ~ Ash

"Jen is an absolute wonder, she deeply cares about your health as a whole picture and has helped me tackle my gut issues head on. Best money you could ever spend x" ~ Bek


Walking into Wellness Workshop Series

"What a lovely, empowering experience. To be guided by two inspiring women on a journey to create a Whole Living Lifestyle. Sometimes I just need extra encouragement and inspiration from others to help kick start good habits. I turned the program into a ritual and loved it!" ~ Anon
"I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated attending the workshops. Jen created such a beautiful, open and welcoming environment and our group really reflected this. I learnt a lot of new information and also finally learnt to put some really important things into practise- things that I know are crucial to my health! The combination of nutritional information, delicious food, breath work, Ashtanga and some very inspirational women made for the perfect Sunday afternoon" Amanda
"Starting with two of the most beautiful, inspiring, warming and welcoming girls running the course - J&A. I loved the atmosphere created, the ladies who attended, the knowledge of both J&A and the way the messages were delivered to empower the yoga practices. This has actually made me reconsider my future and what I want to do with my life, what I eat, it has made me think about slowing down. The detox was challenging, exciting and raw and I now feel energised and reconnected." ~ Carlie
"Jen made me feel so relaxed and were so, so interesting. I loved the flow of the workshops, which perfectly incorporated nutrition and yoga. I loved the opportunity to have the time to focus on myself and my body & mind - I havnt had the time to do this in so long. I have been running on empty - now I realise - for so long and these workshops have helped me see this. I LOVED it!" ~ Penny
"An excellent introduction to health and well-being without being too overwhelming or pushy. An awesome way to discover Ashtanga and Yoga without the fear." ~ Rowena