Join us for a series of deeply nourishing workshops focused on whole living through yoga, nutrition, and holistic health practices. A place for your mind, body, soul (& pantry). Perfect for large groups, corporate partners or others wishing to take their health journey to a deeper level.

Each week you will walk away inspired with recipes, ideas and holistic health care strategies ready to infuse into your daily life, while benefiting from the yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to make sure everyone is seriously blissed out, every mind is calm and every soul is nourished.  

Sound good?

Whole living is what we live and breath!

We can't wait to share with you the beautiful practices that work for us. 

What you can expect when you join us >>>

Set in the peaceful Ashtanga Yoga Studio in the heart of Newcastle, or we can bring the party to YOU at your workplace!

The Whole Living: Walking into Wellness Series Includes;

  • Weekly Sessions (see the main topics covered below).
  • Each week will include - an ASHTANGA YOGA class - Anamari will use the Ashtanga Yoga System and include asanas and extensive work on alignment, meditation and breathing methods to complement your practice.
  • Each week will include - demonstration and presentation through NUTRITION, HEALTH & WELLNESS - Jen offers a 'stripping it all back' approach to reconnect you to the four pillars of health, we will explore a cleansing detoxification program and each week you will build simple strategies to increase your nutritional profile at each meal opportunity.
  • Anamari and Jen will be with you every step of the way, offering holistic health practices that you can incorporate into your life straight away!
  • Each session will finish with a meditation and deep breathing exercise.
  • Refreshments and community discussion will follow.
  • You can expect demonstrations & discussions on everything your body needs (and how to make it work in your life)
  • Recipes, Worksheets and Email Support - and mingling with like minded people - you are supported and not alone!
  • Access to our Facebook Page where we can share even more goodness with you!

Foundations of Health

We will explore the FOUR PILLARS OF HEALTH, applying each area to your life so that you will walk away having a seriously solid start on your exploration of Wellness.

Whole Food 

We will get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to set up your WHOLE FOOD PANTRY. Think shopping lists, recipes, a demonstration and tasting, plus a huge amount of inspiration so you can take your everyday diet and supercharge it with the Whole Living principles.

Detox Program

Once you have the Foundations set ... We offer you an optional DETOXIFICATION program, a gentle cleanse to make sure that your body has the best chance to heal, grow and nourish.


You made it! We will regroup after the DETOX PROGRAM, share stories and group discussion to make sure that everything we have learnt is 100% ready for INTEGRATION. We will share (and indulge in) holistic health self care with dynamic meditation and share  some beautiful healthy TREATS!

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Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle | Level 2, 372 King Street, Newcastle

Details: 3 x 2 hour sessions (allow time for refreshments and community discussion after the workshops ends)
Cost: $280 per person (minimum booking for 15 people)

Enquries: Call Jen on 0432 702 264 or email us at